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A real IQ test is a test that assesses a variety of cognitive abilities and generates a result that serves as an estimate of a person's intellectual capabilities and potential. IQ tests are one of the most widely used psychological assessments. Let's find out yours.

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The Purpose of a Real IQ Test

An IQ test serves a variety of objectives. An IQ test is a test that assesses a variety of cognitive abilities and generates a score that is used to determine a person's intellectual capabilities and potential. The teacher will be able to determine how much support the child requires and in what precise area or areas. Some people, on the other hand, have a natural ability in specific areas of intellect. They, too, would significantly benefit from a specialized education program aimed at helping them expand and develop their minds.

What should you take our IQ test?

The IQ Certificate™ is the most accurate and widely accepted online IQ test available, developed by experts in a variety of professions. It is extremely reliable and was created to assess general intelligence across the whole population.

Logical Reasoning

Ability to make deductions based on limited knowledge. This test assesses your knowledge of logical axioms, deductions, and connections.

Classification Skill

Classification skills enable you to piece together relevant data and make sense out of the whole.

Spatial Reasoning

The ability to visualize objects in three dimensions and derive judgments about those items based on limited knowledge.

Real IQ Test Testmonials

"I have found the test very interesting as well as stimulating. I was excited about knowing my score as well as the report you have sent me. It was a good surprise what I have read in that report. I thank you for the good and stimulating feedback."

Tiffany Macomber
Tiffany Macomber
United States

"This was a really difficult test. It differs from many other IQ tests in that it does more than just boosts your ego by giving you a high result. This test was unquestionably more challenging, and I felt more confident with the result."

Lucas Slaughter
Lucas Slaughter

"It was concise and covered all of the subjects and areas that should be assessed. The summary that was provided along with the data was also quite useful."

Lydia Bechard
Lydia Bechard

"It's a great method to find out how smart we are in just 30 minutes. I appreciate that it isn't too lengthy or too short, and we don't have to answer too many questions, which may be exhausting. To get a more accurate evaluation, I recommend that the participants choose a quiet place and time when they can focus completely on it without being distracted."

Bryon C. McCampbell
Bryon C. McCampbell
United Kingdom

"I am pleased that I decided to take the IQ exam. It was quite therapeutic when I finished it, and I was pleased when I got the findings, especially after reading the reviews. I would suggest this exam to anyone who wants to find out their IQ from a reliable source."

Marianne Chavarría
Marianne Chavarría

"At first I was not sure about the score because I've never completed one before. When the results came with explanations of each parameter, it demonstrated the area in which I've not been good at. Overall, I feel like this test is quite accurate."

Sverre Magnusson
Sverre Magnusson

"From the start, this test was very clear about what it was supposed to accomplish. The website also is very clear and provides just the proper amount of data to help me better grasp IQ."

Maiko Nishikawa
Maiko Nishikawa

"More accurate than any other test I've ever done, the report is extensive and in detail, and well worth the money, whether this exam is for professional or personal usage."

Pierre Louineaux
Pierre Louineaux

"It's quite intriguing. Because I work as a government analytic advisor, I performed very well in analytical reasoning."

Chelsea Farnell
Chelsea Farnell

Celebrities Real IQs

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a commonly used and acknowledged intelligence metric. It's the result of standardized testing, and it's been the focus of a lot of research. While there is some debate about the extent of IQ testing, those with a score of above 125 are typically considered to be exceptionally intelligent. These celebrities are often recognized for their acting ability rather than their intelligence; nonetheless, there are numerous celebrities with high IQ scores.

Elon Musk IQ

Elon Musk

165 IQ

Emma Watson IQ

Emma Watson

132 IQ

Mark Zuckerberg IQ

Mark Zuckerberg

152 IQ

Miley Cyrus IQ

Miley Cyrus

120 IQ

Conan O'Brien IQ

Conan O'Brien

160 IQ

Aisha Tyler IQ

Aisha Tyler

154 IQ

Bill Gates IQ

Bill Gates

160 IQ

Tyra Banks IQ

Tyra Banks

122 IQ

Vladimir Putin IQ

Vladimir Putin

127 IQ

Beginning of the Test

The test will determine your IQ level, and it will take you a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.

Taking the Test

There are just 30 questions in the test, and each one has only one answer.

End of the Test

Following the completion of the test, you will be informed of your IQ score and mental capabilities.

How Does It Work Real IQ Test?

You only have 30 minutes to complete this IQ test! You will be asked to answer 30 questions during this time. There are six alternative responses to each question. To pick an answer, simply click on it. As the IQ test progresses, the questions will become challenging. Join the 450K+ people who have found out what their IQ score is! Now is the time to take the genuine IQ test and find out what your IQ score is.

Get Your IQ Certificate

Our IQ Test is a professional psychometric test with PhD-certified results that are available immediately. The exam will assess your cognitive abilities in numerous areas, such as word analysis and visual reasoning. Receive your IQ certification on your own customized certificate that is recognized globally once you've completed the course. Demonstrate your cognitive abilities and quickly improve your career opportunities.

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