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Real IQ test is an assessment that measures a range of cognitive abilities and provides a score that is intended to serve as a measure of an individual's intellectual abilities and potential. IQ tests are among the most commonly administered psychological tests. High IQ is 127. What is yours?

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Real IQ Test Purpose

There are several objectives for passing the IQ test. First of all, it can be useful for introspection, it will allow you to compare your own indicators with the average indicators of other people, determine your own capabilities in the field of logic, evaluate your ability to learn and form concepts, and help identify strengths and weaknesses. Among other things, the IQ test allows you to look at the success of individuals in terms of logic, to understand the reasons for their victories.

Why this IQ test?

The IQ Certification™ is the most accurate and regognized online IQ test available, created by professionals in various research fields. It is highly accurate and specifically designed for measuring general intelligence among the entire population.

Logical Reasoning

Ability to extract deductions from limited supplied information. Tests your understanding of logical syllogisms, deductions and associations.

Classification Skill

Classification skills enable you to piece together relevant data and make sense out of the whole.

Spatial Reasoning

Refers to the capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information.

Real IQ Test Testmonials

"I have found the test very interesting as well as stimulating. I was excited about knowing my score as well as the report you have sent me. It was a good surprise what I have read in that report. I thank you for the good and stimulating feedback."

Tiffany Macomber
Tiffany Macomber
United States

"Really tough test. It's unlike many of the other pay for IQ tests which just massage your ego by giving you a high score. This test was definately far more difficult and I felt tested and more assured by the result."

Lucas Slaughter
Lucas Slaughter

"Right to the point, although a short one it covers all the topics/areas that should be tested. The presentation provided together with the results is a helpful tool."

Lydia Bechard
Lydia Bechard

"It’s a fun way of knowing where our IQ stands in just 30 minutes. I like it that it is neither too long nor too short and we need not answer too many questions or solve too many puzzles which often tires us out. In order to have a more accurate assessment, I would advise that the participants choose a quiet place and time whereby he or she could fully focus on it without any distraction."

Bryon C. McCampbell
Bryon C. McCampbell
United Kingdom

"I am very happy to have taken the IQ test it was very cathartic upon completion and when I received the results i was pleasantly surprised especially upon reading the reviews. I would recommend this test to anyone who is interested to know what their IQ is by a reputable organisation."

Marianne Chavarría
Marianne Chavarría

"At first I was not sure about the score because I've never completed one before. After sharing my results with my friends they are confident about it and while the results comes with explanation of each parameters, it clearly demonstrated the area in which I've not been good at. Overall, I feel like this test is near accurate."

Sverre Magnusson
Sverre Magnusson

"This test was extremely clear in what it was meant to do, from the get go. The website further made any information it offered a quick, coherent experience and provided the right amount of detail, needed to assist me, in further understanding IQ itself."

Maiko Nishikawa
Maiko Nishikawa

"More accurate test than most, the report is full and in depth and worth the money whether this test be for professional or personal use it is definitely worth giving it a go."

Pierre Louineaux
Pierre Louineaux

"Very interesting. I scored exceptionally high in analytical thinking which is about right since I am a government analytic advisor. Overall seems true to my strengths and weaknesses."

Chelsea Farnell
Chelsea Farnell

Real IQ of Famous People

An Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score is a widely used and respected measure for intelligence. It is the result of standardized testing, and has been the subject of a great deal of study. While there is some debate over the scope of IQ testing, it is generally accepted that those with a score of over 125 have exceptional intelligence. Interestingly, those who hold extraordinary IQ scores are not always shy, studious individuals lurking in dark laboratories. Instead, people from every walk of life have demonstrated remarkable intelligence. This even includes the rich and famous. Often, these stars are known more for their performance abilities than their intelligence; however, there are a great many celebrities with impressive IQ scores.

Elon Musk IQ

Elon Musk

165 IQ

Emma Watson IQ

Emma Watson

132 IQ

Mark Zuckerberg IQ

Mark Zuckerberg

152 IQ

Miley Cyrus IQ

Miley Cyrus

120 IQ

Conan O'Brien IQ

Conan O'Brien

160 IQ

Aisha Tyler IQ

Aisha Tyler

154 IQ

Bill Gates IQ

Bill Gates

160 IQ

Tyra Banks IQ

Tyra Banks

122 IQ

Vladimir Putin IQ

Vladimir Putin

127 IQ

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It serves for determining of your IQ, completing of the test will not take you more than 30 minutes.


The real iq test contains only 30 questions, each of them has only one solution.


You will learn your IQ value and brain capacity immediately after completing the test and get your personal certificate.

How it works real IQ test?

You have 30 minutes in order to take this IQ Test! During this time, you will be asked to answer 30 questions. Each question has six possible answers. Simply click on the chosen answer to select it. The questions will get more complicated as the IQ test goes on. The most accurate online IQ Test. Join 350K+ users who discovered their IQ score! Complete the real iq test ans find your IQ score now.

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Our IQ Test is a premium psychometric exam with instant PhD-Certified results. The test will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning. On completion, receive your IQ certification on your own personalized certificate recognized internationally. Prove how your cognitive ability and instantly boost your carrer opportunities.

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