IQ Test for Kids

Everyone wants to know how smart his kid is. But how we can measure a child's intelligence? The intelligence quotient is a generally accepted standard for it. And the best way to find out IQ level for a child is to pass outstanding tests online. Improve your child’s concentration, memory and reading ability!

IQ Test for Kids

Our IQ test is suitable for children ages 6 to 16. All the questions are composed of nonverbal items that specifically designed to test the ability of children to recognize differences and similarities, determine mathematical progressions and to deal with quantities and spatial relationship.

Online IQ Test for Children

Research has shown that gifted children aren’t particularly successful at school. Main reason is that our schooling system doesn’t provide customized learning experience to our children. As a matter of fact, overcrowded classrooms and demotivated teachers are one of the key reasons of IQ drop among children. In such a situation, the responsibility of the parents to know the talents of their kids and help them benefit from their natural gifts becomes very important. This website is dedicated to meet the needs of these parents. This website offers the most accurate scientifically proven IQ test for kids available on the internet.

Why should children take IQ test?

Is your child gifted? Or does he or she have difficulties in learning? It is often hard to tell as gifted children are usually not high achievers at school. And average/high performing children may be having difficulties in some aspects of learning but concealed by strengths in others.

IQ tests provide a precise personalized measurement of children’s abilities. Based on that, parents can map out the most suitable development pathway to maximize their children’s potentials or take proper steps to support children with disabilities. Thus, it is strongly advisable that IQ tests are taken from an early age for best effects.

How to Improve a Child’s IQ?

A significant amount of research has been done on the science behind happier kids, effective parenting and joyful families. But lesser research work has been done on identifying parameters that make children smarter. Can you improve child IQ? Can you help with a the development of a child’s intelligence?

Book Reading

An abvious one. Instead of reading books to your kids, read books with them. Independent learning benefits not only with IQ development but also in self confidence, independence and inititaive taking.


Ok. Not about IQ. But important factor for becoming successful in life. Dozens of studies show that willpower is the single most important keystone habit for individual success.


Being healthy increases kids ability to learn. After a good exercise, kids pick up new vocabulary words 30% faster. Brain needs blood for growth, exercise supplies this blood. Plain and simple.

Music Lessons

Children in the music groups exhibit greater increases in full-scale IQ. The effect is significant enough to relate music learning with IQ, as well as, high academic achievement.

Good Sleep

Research shows that missing an hour of sleep turns a sixth grader’s brain into that of a fourth grader. A loss of two years of cognitive development. Make sure your kids have comfortable sleeping environment.

Peer Group Matters

Living in a good neighborhood, going to good schools and making sure your children hang out with good kids can make a big difference. Best way to achieve better grades in school, be friends with smart kids.

IQ Test for Children Certification

Our Phd-certified test was established in 2013. Nearly six years since, the test has received approximately 250 thousand sittings. According to statistics, the validity of the test is 99.20%.

How It Works IQ Test Children's Version?

In this website, we use fluid reasoning test, which tests the ability to analyze novel problems (i.e without past knowledge), identify patterns and relationships that underpin these problems. This is necessary for all logical problem solving, e.g., in scientific, mathematical, and technical problem solving. Therefore, it will significantly assist anticipating the child’s academic performance.


IQ test for kids includes 30 questions and it is scored automatically after 45 minutes.


If your kid finds two logical answers to one question he/she should choose the simplest answer.


Wrong answers do not influence your result – so guess rather than omit a question!