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It serves for determining your IQ, completing the test will not take you more than 30 minutes.

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Is your IQ score high enough to be considered a genius? Take this intelligence test and see your score instantly! Taking an IQ test online allows you to test your intelligence reliably and receive a score to determine if your cognitive function is normal or higher than average. Worldwide IQ Test is anonymous, in addition to being fair and accurate. There is no cultural bias and our tests are always enjoyable to take, giving you a fun way to discover where you are on the intelligence scale.

2024 - IQ Test

The IQ Test can be used for many reasons. It allows determining one's level of being able to learn, to understand, to form concepts, to process information, to apply logic and reason, in comparison to the population.

Memory Retrieval

The ability to store and retrieve information.

Attention and Concentration

The ability to keep your mind focused and under control.

Processing Speed

The ability for visual perception and scanning speed.

Logic: Inductive Reasoning

The ability to reason and solve problems.

Quantitative Reasoning

The ability to use numerical skills to solve problems.

Visual Processing

The ability to perceive visual details.

Famous People IQ Scores of 2024

The smartest celebrities are those who have documented high IQs, multiple degrees from distinguished universities, and a history of long hours spent studying complicated subjects. What is your IQ?

Mark Zuckerberg IQ

Mark Zuckerberg

152 IQ

Edward Norton IQ

Edward Norton

134 IQ

Nolan Gould IQ

Nolan Gould

150 IQ

Elon Musk IQ

Elon Musk

165 IQ

Emma Watson IQ

Emma Watson

132 IQ

Stephen W. Hawking IQ

Stephen W. Hawking

160 IQ

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It serves for determining of your IQ, completing of the test will not take you more than 30 minutes.


The test contains only 30 questions, each of them has only one solution.


You will learn your IQ value and brain capacity immediately after completing the test.

How it works online IQ test?

You have 30 minutes in order to take this IQ Test! During this time, you will be asked to answer 30 questions. Each question has six possible answers. Simply click on the chosen answer to select it. The questions will get more complicated as the IQ test goes on.

IQ Certification 2024

Our IQ Test is a premium psychometric exam with instant PhD-Certified results. The test will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning.

Certified IQ Test 2024 Testmonials

"Excellent IQ test! It does not simply give you a score but also you provides you a report that breaks down your results into 5 different categories with their own individual scores. It explains each category thoroughly and also gives you a ranking for each of them."

Amber Stoltenberg
Amber Stoltenberg
United States

"The test was only 30 min, fairly manageable comparing to some other IQ tests. And the test result is surprisingly close to what I expect beforehand. I enjoy reading the analysis report. It helps a lot in understanding myself strength and weakness."

Stefan Jackson
Stefan Jackson
United Kingdom

"When I heard from my mom, I heard something ridiculous that my IQ, when I was young, was about 130. Of course I couldn't believe that so I just wanted to test my real IQ."

Angela Valverde
Angela Valverde

"Every two years or so I like to put my IQ to the test. So far I have increased it significantly for the last 6 years. This IQ test provides a good variety of tests to challenge the cortex to its utmost and the result is a summary of very clear and detailed descriptions of how each facet of intelligence is applied and expressed. I would recommend this test to anyone who wants to discover the capacity of their little grey cells."

Micheal Rohan
Micheal Rohan
United States

"Loved the IQ Test! I used to excel at tests like this when I was younger, I'm 56 now. And so much enjoyed doing a test like this again. Gonna do it more often. Absolutely loved the experience. Thank you :)"

Vanessa Rose
Vanessa Rose
United Kingdom

"The test will tell you things about your self you may not know. It was enjoyable to do. Web site service's are fast and efficient constructed in a manner that is understandable. Overall experience excellent."

Prof. Willy Köster
Prof. Willy Köster

"It was a little bit perplexing, taking into consideration the situation that took this IQ test. The time I was taking test was 3 a.m and I was really tired, however it was interesting to participate in it. Thanks for creating such tests."

Dr. Stella Jakubowski
Dr. Stella Jakubowski

"Testing myself, learning the different processes in which we use to combat the daily. Made me see a whole new plane I never thought of. Also, how personality contributes to success and can strengthen our weaknessess. Helps me better understand my shortcomings and how to better myself, my career, and relations."

Zach Saunders
Zach Saunders

"The test was easy to follow and very revealing to me. What I liked most was the detailed explanation about the research behind the testing and how it explained the development of the theories. Pro company and highly recommend them."

Gunborg Öberg
Gunborg Öberg

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