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IQ tests are ideal for measuring differences in abilities for tasks that are analytical in nature, and that is why scores show significant correlations with academic achievement. However intelligence is a broad concept and includes skills or behaviors that cover a much wider variety of tasks. Emotional IQ and creativity, for example, are best examined through other tests. Therefore your IQ score should not be regarded as the most important indicator of intelligence or future success, but rather as an evaluation of the specific skills that are measured and reported by a particular test.

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It serves for determining of your IQ, completing of the test will not take you more than 30 minutes.


The test contains 30 questions, each of them has only one solution.


You will learn your IQ value immediately after completing the test, if you have made the test already before and you want to check your result, you can do that by clicking on display result button.


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Certified IQ Test 2018

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The smartest celebrities are those who have documented high IQs, multiple degrees from distinguished universities, and a history of long hours spent studying complicated subjects. What is your IQ?

International High IQ Society

Mensa is the largest, oldest, and best-known high-IQ society in the world. The organization restricts its membership to people with high testable IQs.

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